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OK, so as if the hot pineapple/cheddar casserole wasn't bad enough this Easter, we were also served a cottage cheese blintz casserole and a marshmallow ambrosia-type thing. What ever happened to plain veggies on the side? Yeah, Bob, the Jello thing sounds bad too. Don't need no stinkin' pineapple floating in my jello!


I don't have a horrible foodstuff to offer, but I just wanted to say that when I saw the title of this post I thought it was going to be about Mary Worth's current storyline.

And if you enjoy horrifying food, you owe it to yourself to check out this site.



Being brought up with English parents I was never exposed to the jello salad, until I met up with the Braughlers. Jello salad and ham loaf or ham balls as Uncle Dwayne calls them.

That being said, however, the English have their very own disgusting traditions of which I will share only a few:

Carrots and turnip - this dish was created by boiling the carrots & turnip and then mashing them together. One of the worst foods I've ever been forced to eat. Adam gets ice cream and M&Ms for dinner and I got C&T.

Spotted Dick - okay this one just sounds gross, but it is really good to eat. I just added it because I know that Bob will giggle like a school girl when he reads it.

Bubble & Squeak - this is mashed potatoes and shredded cabbage that is fried up. It bubbles and squeaks when fried. I hate cabbage.


I think it's only fair to mention that the ham loaf (aka ham balls) were an item brought to us by one of our neighbors for a post-funeral feast. It (or they) is (or are) not part of the traditional Braughlerian feast.

And actually, it (or they) was (or were) pretty good.


Can anyone say "Head Cheese."

Mom -- am I supposed to eat this or use it as part of my science fair project? When I was a kid, my grandmother actually made it from scratch. I guess you had to eat what you could get back in communist eastern Europe!

Tube City

"Carrots and turnip ... One of the worst foods I've ever been forced to eat."

Don't the Brits call this "carrots and swede" in an attempt to make it sound palatable? I heard this term in an old British TV show and had to ask someone what it meant.

I guess it's the same reason the Scots call their national dish "haggis" instead of "boiled sheep guts and oatmeal."


I get mashed turnips every year at Thanksgiving. Disgusting, but my Mom likes them.


I guess you and Julie have never tasted the strawberry pretzel jello salad. After having to eat jello for about a month in the hospital - I can say I actually hate jello. But there is one and only one jello salad that I have found to be quite good. I will have to bring it/make it for the next Braughler/Gillen/Ruffalo picnic. Oh yeah, it has pineapples and strawberries mixed in the strawberry jello. You are gonna love it!!!! Bet you can't wait.


Define crappy. My family makes some darn tasy things that are made with crap ingrediants.


Gah - not the strawberry pretzel salad. I actually like many jello salads, but the combo of strawberry jello with the salty pretzels turns my tastebuds.
I work with many people from around the world, and it's always fun to see their reaction to the concept of jello salads.

I am fortunate to have both family and in-laws who are good cooks, and as such was not subjected to anything offensive for the holiday.

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